Thursday, January 24, 2013

Five stupid things about Mormonism

This is part of Steve Shives' Five Stupid Things series, which includes Five Stupid Things about Joseph Smith, Five Stupid Things about Moses, and even Five Stupid Things about Atheists, among many, many others.

As he says, the hardest part is only picking five (which is probably why he has two of these devoted to Fox 'News' - here and here).

PS. I thought his point about the Mormon elders changing church beliefs, as necessary, was interesting, because it sounded pretty good, at first. Wouldn't it be nice if other religions would do the same, instead of holding us back as a species?

Then I realized that the Mormon church isn't even slightly better at that than other religions. It's just that they started out so backwards, so their changes - while beneficial - hardly made them progressive.

If they made it a habit to change with the times, then, yes, that might be valuable. But as it is, they have to be dragged forward, kicking and screaming, just like other religions.

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