Monday, January 7, 2013

Christian morality

This is yesterday's episode of the Atheist Experience TV show (episode #795) with Matt Dillahunty and Tracie Harris. (Yes, I know that Phoenix is misspelled. Distracting, isn't it?)

I didn't watch it until just now, so it's simply coincidence that my blog post earlier today mentioned objective morality (if briefly). Actually, it's not much of a coincidence, I suppose, since these bad arguments by Christian apologists tend to be widely adopted and repeated by other believers.

But I wanted to post this, because almost the entire show (starting at 11:47) is taken up by one caller who attempts to prove God by the fact that we human beings have a moral sense (which was a big part of Matt's debate with Jay Lucas, too).

Tracie just tears him apart! Oh, she's very respectful, very pleasant, very nice. She just demonstrates how confused this guy really is. By the end of it, he's nearly speechless, since she's so completely demolished his argument.

"You know what they say, screw one sheep, right?" I almost fell out of my chair when Tracie said that!

At the very end, he actually claims that a child rape victim deserves to be raped: "You portray that little girl as innocent; she's just as evil as you." It's the most incredible thing in the world! But his religious faith leads him to that - and, I suspect, his frustration at being proven wrong here.

If you're at all interested in the morality argument for God, I recommend this video (starting, as I say, at 11:47). It's long, but it's quite good. Matt and Tracie are probably my favorite hosts of this television show.

But if you really don't have the time for that, here's the last minute and a half:

Incredible, isn't it? This is where faith-based thinking can take you. There must be a reason why a good God allows child rape, therefore the victims must have deserved it. Ah, Christian morality.

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