Sunday, April 21, 2013

Are you a homophobe?

I really admire people who can overcome their upbringing like this. I never had that problem. My parents were conventionally conservative and conventionally religious (which meant that Mom took us to church on Sundays), but I was never exposed to fundamentalist Christianity.

And when I was a kid, gay rights weren't even an issue. Of course, if I'd been gay, they would have been, no doubt - certainly for me! But it wasn't something you heard about, or not very often. Homosexuals stayed very firmly in the closet, at least here in Nebraska.

Out town was all white, all Christian, and all straight - at least, as far as I knew. And while that might make some people bigots, for me it meant I could get my information from books (I was always a big reader), rather than from local idiots.

And my parents tried to teach me right. They were bigoted, but they didn't realize it, so they didn't teach me that bigotry was right. (I'm talking about racial bigotry, primarily, but I didn't have any problem extrapolating from that. In fact, the first lesson I remember in tolerance was about Jews.)

I also like this video because it takes a somewhat different tack than most such arguments. Variety is great, isn't it? And this information might help some people understand reality (as, apparently, it helped this man, himself).

Now, if you didn't get enough of the disgusting religious displays of homophobia in this video, I'll post his followup, too. It's not easy to watch, I'll admit. But it does end well. So it's not as depressing at it might seem, at first.


jeff725 said...

It's alway old white men, isn't it?

Kill 'em all, they say? Congratulations, dummies. You guys just won George Carlin's argument for him. Remember his 10 Commandments re-boot? "It depends on who's DOING THE KILLING and who's GETTING KILLED. The more devout they are, the more they see murder as being NEGOTIABLE."

Did you read about Britney Griner, the 6'8 women's basketball player, coming out last week just days after being drafted into the WNBA? If it weren't for that fertilizer plant, it would have been Baylor University's head that would have exploded.

WCG said...

Well, as an old white man myself (and as George Carlin was, too, I might point out), I hate to stereotype us, Jeff. :)

Besides, some of the men in those videos weren't all that old. And there are certainly black preachers who are just as homophobic.

As far as being men, well, that's not universal, either. But in a patriarchal religion, it is the men who dominate.

It's not 'always' old white men, but that's commonly the case, true. Still, as I say, I don't like to stereotype, especially not... me. :)