Thursday, April 11, 2013

We've become our own worst enemy

Yeah, this is the second video segment of last night's show (the first is here), but this one has the insanity I wanted to showcase. It's similar to my last post, in fact, thanks to Republicans who have become batshit crazy on the subject of the United Nations.

When did this happen? I remember trick-or-treating for UNICEF when I was a kid. Do kids still do that these days? Not in Nebraska, I suspect, since the UN seems to be about as popular as Satan (with just about as much evidence).

But the Republican Party has done this deliberately, just as they've ratcheted up the hysteria and the insanity about almost everything else these days. This is how they keep ignorant and gullible yokels supporting them with money and votes. And those people do vote - much more reliably than Democrats - so I guess it works.

(PS. Did you catch that comment, from a Texas politician - naturally - where you can literally drive a tank through that UN treaty? I think you can do that with any treaty, can't you? At least, if you get it printed on a big enough sheet of paper?)

Stephen Colbert had a segment about this last night, too - at least in part:

Yeah, so what's the "real problem" with gun violence in America? Video games, of course!

Forget the fact that researchers have never found a link between video games and real-world gun violence. Forget the fact that video games are hugely popular all around the world, but only in America - where guns are everywhere - is gun violence a big problem.

But if there's one thing almost as popular in America as guns, it's scapegoats.

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