Thursday, April 25, 2013

Support the Constitution by gutting it

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Weak Constitution
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This reminds me of those ├╝ber-patriots who are constantly pushing secession. Yeah, that's really the way to show your patriotism, isn't it? How better to show support for your nation than your eagerness to secede from it?

Likewise, how better to show your support for our freedoms under the U.S. Constitution than to seek to end all those freedoms? Oh, sorry, not all of our freedoms, obviously. But, apparently, the only part of the Constitution these right-wing loons want to keep is the Second Amendment.

Yeah, get rid of the rest of that stuff, huh? Who needs it? And Jon didn't even mention the religious right's attempt to abandon freedom of religion and the strict separation of church and state. Heck, they even want to create official state religions! (Guess which one?)

But this is also a matter of our hysterical fear of terrorism. And it's an irrational fear pushed by Fox 'News' not just for political advantage, but also for commercial advantage. They work hard to keep their viewers hysterically fearful, because that pays off for them financially, as well as politically.

Combine this with the need for right-wing political pundits to say increasingly insane things - just to get noticed, among all the other right-wing political pundits - and you get some really crazy opinions. And these are crazy, aren't they?

Jon Stewart does a great job demonstrating that, don't you think? Well, if you don't agree, feel free to secede, you patriot, you. :)

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