Thursday, April 11, 2013

States ban sustainability and 'hobbit homes'

Crazy, isn't it? I like how worked up Cenk Uygur gets over these things, since I do, too.

And I particularly like this bit about Kansas (I live in Nebraska, after all), where some loony Republican wants to ban sustainable development! Don't they own a dictionary? Or do they know what "sustainable" means and are still this stupid?


AJ said...

Ban them? Like these? I love these places in Taos.

AJ said...

I too love the way Uygur gets worked up; he is almost at a loss for words. Do you have a link to the Republican site Uygur mentions? I checked out Senator Ted Cruz's web site but could not find the reference.

WCG said...

Here's the link, Ann. At least, I think that's what Uygur is referring to.

Cruz doesn't specifically mention "hobbit homes" there (I don't know if he's edited that recently or not), but if you google "Ted Cruz and hobbit homes," you'll find all sorts of information, including video clips.

I didn't wade through them, myself, so I can't suggest any other links. But I hope that helps.

WCG said...

That's neat, Ann. Thanks!

There's a "hobbit home" here, too, just outside of Lincoln, NE. I've driven past it many times, though not recently (and right now, I can't quite remember where it is).