Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Background checks voted down

Christ, can you believe it? Twenty little kids, and their teachers, were murdered - just the latest in a long series of massacres - and we couldn't even get background checks through Congress!

I've seen polls indicating that increased background checks are favored by 91% of Americans (and even 87% of Republicans), but the gun manufacturers still have that much power, the NRA still has that much power. It's just incredible, isn't it?

And this wasn't even universal background checks - to say nothing of a ban on assault weapons or machine pistols - but a wimpy little 'compromise' bill, full of loopholes, designed to keep Republicans happy. Yet even that couldn't get through the Senate!

Oh, it received more than a majority of votes, but we don't have a democracy in the U.S. Senate anymore. Everything is filibustered these days (although not the old-style filibuster, because Republicans don't even have to do anything). And again this year, Democrats were too timid to change that.

What will it take? Do you know why we don't have more bombings, like the recent attack in Boston? It's because we have strict regulations on explosives.

Oh, well. This is outrageous, it's frustrating, it's maddening, but what can you do but weep for our country? How did America get to be like this? Sometimes, I really lose hope for the future.


jeff725 said...

And if that wasn't bad enough, get a load of this:

WCG said...

Thanks, Jeff. That's so incredible that I had to post an excerpt from it right away.

m1nks said...

Don't lose hope. Your country is certainly batshit crazy is a lot of areas but look at the support gun reform had. This decision goes against the will of the people and now there is organization on the other side. The first clash has already come with a congressional hopeful suddenly finding her cozy A rating with the NRA turned into a scarlet letter branded on her forehead. I think you'll see more of that. Wait for the backlash and watch those senators in vulnerable seats pay the price for their cowardice. The NRA has been the bogeyman but now there is money on the other side and so far they seem to be a lot more effective in how they spend it...

Chin up. This isn't over.

WCG said...

Thanks, m1nks. I know that progress isn't easy. I look back in our history, at times when people fought for decades, or even lifetimes, to achieve the rights we now take for granted.

But after awhile, it just gets depressing. I can see clear progress in some issues, here in America. But not on this one. When it comes to gun control, we seem to be moving backwards.