Friday, May 20, 2011

Catholic bishops: Blame it on those damned hippies

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Apparently, according to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, priests raped children - and the Catholic Church covered it up, even helping them find new victims - because of "free-love in the 1960s." Oh, it's all so clear now.

It's funny, though. I lived through the 1960s, but I completely missed that part about abusing children. Certainly, I missed out on Prieststock. I guess I never realized how the Catholic Church was leading the hippie movement back then.

But I suppose they must have been keeping it a secret, huh? Kind of like what they did for priests raping children?

Of course, those dirty hippies weren't the only problem. Poor training of priests "contributed" to the problem. Well, how is a priest supposed to know he's not supposed to molest children? Really, were they just supposed to guess that was wrong?

As we all know, human beings have to be specifically prohibited from an action by God, or else there's no telling what we might do. This is a perfect example. The Catholic Church - not God, but clearly speaking for God - didn't tell priests they shouldn't rape children, so why wouldn't they? Thankfully, the church now recognizes that was an unfortunate oversight in their training program.

Problem fixed, huh?

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