Sunday, May 1, 2011

Obama endorses Donald Trump's campaign

This is the kind of speech Barack Obama needs to give more often. Who'll he endorse next? Michele Bachmann? Newt Gingrich? Mike Huckabee?

Edit: OK, I posted the President's entire speech here. I've got a link to Seth Meyers' remarks there, too. They're both very funny.


Chimeradave said...

I assume you watched the whole thing. My favorite part was when he showed the video of "his birth" and it was a clip from "the Lion King" and then he told Fox news it was a joke. Or maybe it was when he went through some of the Republican presidential hopefuls and claimed they were all born in other countries. Or maybe it was the faux movie trailer for "the President's Speech"

You're right, he really does need to do this more often. He was funnier then the actual comedian Seth Meyer.

WCG said...

No, I hadn't seen the whole thing, John. But you're right, it's really funny. And yes, I loved that slam at Fox "News."

So I went ahead and posted a video clip of the whole speech here, along with a link to Seth Meyers' remarks, too.

I thought Meyers was very funny, even those jokes that didn't seem to get much of a laugh at the time. But yeah, Obama was perfect. He can pull that off so well!

He's really impressive when he's on the attack like this. So why's he been holding himself back for the past two years? He seems so desperate to get along with the GOP that he censors himself.

But it's not going to work. He should realize that by now. And we're moving into the 2012 campaign already. Well, if he won't fight for Democratic principles, maybe at least he'll fight to get reelected.

And if so, maybe we'll see that Barack Obama of 2008 again. I miss him.