Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hasidic newspaper removes Hillary Clinton

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Hasidic Newspaper Removes Hillary Clinton
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You think this is funny, because you're not Hasidic. But think about it. Can you imagine anything this crazy if religion were not involved?

People can still be insane without religion, and of course people can be wrong without religion. But for normal, sane people to do something this crazy, that takes religion.

Once you decide that your beliefs should be based on faith - which faith depending on how you were raised, of course - then nothing, literally nothing, is too crazy to believe.

Do you believe that a cracker actually, literally turns into the flesh of your god? It would take complete insanity to believe that without religion. But with religion, it's fervently-believed dogma, a belief shared by millions of faithful Catholics.

So yeah, laugh at the crazy beliefs of other religions. You should. But this is the fundamental problem with all religions. Belief in dogma, belief based on faith and tradition, is wrong. Even if you happen to get the right answer, the process is hopelessly flawed.

After all, if you believe based on faith, you really can't criticize anyone else for what they believe, also based on faith. And if what you believe is actually, you know,... true, you shouldn't need faith. Evidence-based thinking - basically, the scientific method - works great for determining the truth, so why should you need to have faith at all?

More importantly, why should you fear evidence-based thinking, if what you believe really is true?

This video clip demonstrates the problem with religion in general, but how many people will just laugh at those silly Hasidim, without seeing how this demonstrates the fallacy behind their own beliefs?

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