Friday, May 6, 2011

Rabbit jumping

According to this article, "rabbit dressage is set to take the world by storm." Hmm,... maybe if they add cheerleaders and beer...

The best part is that the leashes are said to be "vital to prevent uncontrolled breeding." Well, they're rabbits.


Jim Harris said...

Are the rabbits not smart enough to learn the courses without leashes? Or would they be off in a flash for freedom?

WCG said...

Jim, according to the article, the leash is to prevent uncontrolled breeding! Apparently, male rabbits would have other things on their minds if they could get to the females.

But, of course, rabbits aren't dogs. They've been bred mostly as food sources, not as pets and working animals - and for not nearly so long a time, either. And they're not pack animals. So I rather doubt they'd have the same instinct to obey human beings.