Sunday, May 8, 2011

Roll a D6

No, I'm not this kind of game-player. I always thought it would be fun, but I've never really had the chance. Basically, I stick with computer games.

But I understand the enthusiasm here and the culture. This is about using your imagination - not passively, as with a book or movie, but actively. You don't watch a story unfold, you create the story yourself, at least in part, and with your fellow gamers.

Being human, gamers run the gamut. But they're always willing to laugh at themselves.Check out The Guild, for example, or The Order of the Stick.

If you want to laugh at them, fine. But I suspect that a lot of that is just jealously - jealous that they're having such a good time. I'm rather envious myself.

Besides, I like the video parody.

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