Friday, March 22, 2013

Glenn Beck connects the dots

Guns, marijuana, soda pop, Cyprus, and the Nazi Party - I'll bet you never realized how those all tie together, did you?

"Cyprus is the answer." Of course it is, Glenn. And who could imagine that people would mock you for things like this. :)

But I wanted to post this mainly to point out the YouTube channel of It's just chock full of short little video clips (at more than 2 minutes, this is the longest one I've see) of the craziest people in America saying the craziest things.

Here, for example, is another clip of Glenn Beck, this time urging people to hoard cash, because ATMs stopped working "the last time the progressives tried a utopia."

Here is Pat Robertson explaining how environmentalists don't care if "a couple billion people around the globe die from starvation." And here he warns people - he really does - against "scamsters in religious garb, quoting the Bible." Well, I can't argue with him there!

And speaking of which, here's John Hagee explaining how Sodom and Gomorrah was just God practicing his response to the "homosexual society."

Here's white-haired old Bryan Fischer, of the American Family Association, ranting about young people. Fischer thinks that the Republican Party should forget about appealing to young people and just stick with old white men like himself. (I hope the GOP follows his advice.)

Ben Shapiro's advice to the Republican Party is a little different (maybe because he's much younger?). He thinks that they've just been too nice to Barack Obama. Liberal bullies have been pushing Republicans around, and the right-wing, never one to make a scene, has been far too civil in response. When will the GOP start criticizing Obama?

Oh, there's lots, lots more there. There's Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann and Louie Gohmert and Jim DeMint,... and on and on.  If you want crazy, RightWingWatch has the greatest hits on video.

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