Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jim Carrey's Cold Dead Hand

Oddly enough, Fox 'News' isn't too happy about that video. :)

I don't normally like Jim Carrey much myself, thanks to his anti-vaccine idiocy, but pissing off Fox 'News' makes up for a lot, don't you think? And this is certainly a catchy little song...

Here's TYT:


Chimeradave said...

TYT probably talked about this but later in the video but why were they acting like Carrey was making a political statement. This was a sketch!

It's like watching a Fire Marshall Bill sketch and thinking it has some sort of deeper meaning about fire safety.

This wasn't really a very good sketch or song. The Heston character acts like a cartoon villain and the song really isn't that good beyond a couple of clever lyrics especially "The angels couldn't pry the gun from his cold dead hands."

But the funniest thing is that since Carrey played the Heston character and the singer the sketch is "Fair and Balanced." How did Fox News miss that? :)

WCG said...

John, this is a comedy sketch, but very definitely also a political statement - and deliberately so, too. You can't pretend this has nothing to do with the current debate about gun control.

Carolyn Grayshaw said...

Did Weird Al's songs "Fat" or "Eat It" have something to do with political debates about obesity? I suppose if somebody in the media started acting like they did then if would be a self fulfilling prophecy

I really don't see how a song about Heston having a small penis is relevant to a political debate about gun control. Unless the only point is to paint anybody that's pro-gun as compensating for a small penis, which is obviously a ludicrous generalization.

Chimeradave said...

whoops that was me. My wife's account was still on, as you probably guessed.

WCG said...

It's a parody, John, so I wouldn't take it literally. On the other hand, the idea that gun nuts might be compensating for feelings of inadequacy (not necessarily a small penis),... well, that's hardly beyond questioning. :)

Can you really watch that and still wonder which side of the gun control debate Jim Carrey might be on?

Chimeradave said...

I don't even know if he wrote it. For instance, I don't assume that actors on SNL have any opinions about the material they are performing. I mean, I suppose I assume they're mostly or all Democrats, but until they or Carrey says something on a news show or interview I don't assume a comedy piece has political meaning.

For all I know he performed the sketch for the pay check.