Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wealth inequality in America

Shocking, isn't it? I've seen these figures before, I've seen graphs and charts, but this might be the best depiction of the wealth inequality in America I've ever seen.

Even Republicans think this is wrong. By and large, they just don't know it. Or they've been so brainwashed by Fox 'News' and other wealthy interests that they simply won't believe the data.

Many of the super-wealthy inherit their wealth, and Republicans are campaigning hard to eliminate estate taxes, too. If you inherited a hundred million dollars, you could be a lazy, ineffectual moron and still leave a similar sum to your kids - or even more.

Remember Mitt Romney's suggestion? Just borrow a few million from your parents to start your own business. No problem, right? If the business fails, I'm sure they have plenty more, so you can just try again. (Romney was born rich, and his kids already have a $100 million trust fund. Problems? What problems?)

Meanwhile, middle class kids who try to make something of themselves are saddled with crushing debt just to pay for college. And they're the lucky ones. Without a college education, you'd better lower your expectations drastically.

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