Friday, March 29, 2013

Tim Minchin's Thank You God

Just in time for Easter, too - isn't that nice! :)

I'm sure believers feel offended by this kind of thing, and it's certainly true that Tim Minchin makes no attempt to spare your feelings! Just the reverse, in fact.

But if you wonder why we find such things so ridiculous, try listening to the words of this song.

True believers can - and do - say anything to persuade other people into believing as they do. (You recognize that when it comes to other religions, don't you?) Obviously, I don't know if that guy was lying about his mother's miraculous cure, but people lie about such things every day.

Careful scientific research about the power of prayer shows nothing. It's been studied many times. And there are plenty of other - natural - explanations, even if this did happen.

But even if it were true, even if that prayer worked, what then? Think about what a dick your God would be if this were actually true. Don't give me any of that 'God works in mysterious ways' crap. If you're willing to use your brain at all, you must see what a cop-out that is.

And you're using your brain - if not very well - when you believe in your religion in the first place. So don't tell me you can't actually use it in cases like this.

If you're reading this, I don't particularly want to offend you. Indeed, I'm always happy to discuss these things politely, and I don't really worship Satan or eat babies. Leave me a polite comment and I'll respond similarly. I like comments from people who disagree with me.

But I like Tim Minchin, as well. Sometimes, people need to be shaken from their comforting illusions. Will this do it? I don't know. (Probably not. But, sometimes, atheists need to laugh, too.) As I say, there's a serious message in this song. But he's a comedian, so he delivers it with humor.

And a very catchy tune, don't you think?

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