Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Even in Oklahoma

Even in Oklahoma, Wolf Blitzer is a moron.

Notice the leading question? In the media, people just have to thank 'God' after a tragedy. I don't know if that's because of corporate instructions, or if these 'journalists' have decided by themselves that it's required.

But either way, they make sure to get plenty of pious quotes, don't they? Even if they have to pretty much tell people what to say?

And this young woman obviously knew what she was supposed to say. Well, this is Oklahoma. How could she not? But to her credit, she didn't go along with it.

It seemed clear that she would have let it slide if she could, but Blitzer was too much of a moron for that. And she was honest enough not to lie about it.

"I,... I,... I'm,... I'm actually an atheist." Yes, and you make us proud.

Blitzer, on the other hand, just embarrasses himself and us.


Gregg Garthright said...

That's great!

Most people would have just agreed with him - I'm glad to see she spoke up.

Even if you believed in God, why would you thank him for sending a horrible storm? Maybe we should say, "Thanks, but no thanks" next time.

WCG said...

We hear this after every tragedy. If one person survives a horrible plane crash, they thank 'God.' What about the families of all the people who died? Shouldn't they be cursing God, then?

And a tornado is traditionally (and legally, if I'm not mistaken) considered an 'act of God.' Did he just decide to have some fun in Oklahoma? Nice of him to miss the atheist, at least.

I'm glad you liked the video clip, Gregg. But it makes me wonder how many of these pious quotes we always see in the media were manufactured by reporters, just like Blitzer tried to do in this case.