Thursday, May 9, 2013

The big Benghazi on Bullshit Mountain

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The Big Benghazi Theory
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The Big Benghazi Theory - "If"
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You know, it's not just the 54 attacks during the Bush Administration which didn't get this kind of attention from Fox 'News,' but also the Iraq War, which killed a thousand times - more like 2,000 times - more Americans for no reason but Bush's political advantage. (Remember "Mission Accomplished"?)

Of course, as Jon Stewart demonstrates, everything gets this kind of outrage on Fox if it's to President Obama's disadvantage - or if they can make it to his disadvantage, at least. This is about politics and it's about money, nothing more.

And damn straight this is important! Any time our people are killed, it's important, and whenever we can't protect our diplomatic personnel, we need to look into it, so we can fix any problems. But, of course, when it comes to terrorism, some attacks are going to succeed. We're simply not going to be able to stop them all.

Furthermore, that's not what this is about. This is about political advantage, and this is about making money, through feigned outrage at Fox and other Republican propaganda mills. It's just a convenient excuse for them, and if it wasn't this, it would be something else.

How cynical can you get, to make money and political hay over a national tragedy like this? And they've got nothing, nothing but "if" this fantasy of theirs actually happened. Given their track record of hysterical imaginings before, I'm going to need pretty good evidence before I even consider it as a possibility this time.


jeff725 said...

Political advantage, money, and feigned outrage indeed.

I once heard Sherlock Holmes say "One must not look, Watson, one must OBSERVE. I was having lunch at the Godfather's Pizza here in Beatrice yesterday and I 'observed' a couple of the flat-screen TVs inside. Thank goodness the sound was turned down, but had to deal with closed-captioning.

One was tuned in to BlazeTV (Glenn Beck's propaganda channel). Of course, he was running the GOP's "but...but Benghazi" dog-and-pony show (probably with a few gold ads nestled in between). On the other screen was an episode of "Divorce Court." The woman judge was literally looking down her nose criticizing the 'husband' about "feeding his ego"....this on a TV show starring a judge feeding her ego. Speaking of judges feeding their egos, "The People's Court" was on next. Of course, the two shows were on that paragon of trailer-park trash TV....Fox Network.

Finished my lunch, left Godfather's and observed an obvious right-winger's "rear bumper" politics: VFW license plate frame, Army Ranger sticker, and an "Unapologetically American" sticker. And the guy was driving...wait for it...a Toyota Tundra.

The last paragraph has nothing to do with Benghazi, but I thought you might get a kick out of the cognitive dissonance I observed in between slices of pizza.

WCG said...

Heh, heh. Yeah. I think I'd better stick with delivery! :)

Thanks, Jeff!