Wednesday, May 29, 2013

You win one, you lose one

There's sad news for us comedy fans today:
Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville predicted on Wednesday that Republicans throughout the country would be “relieved” Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has decided to retire.

“Sad day,” Carville quipped on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” when host Joe Scarborough mentioned Bachmann’s retirement.

“It makes me so sad and you so happy, Joe,” Carville said later. “God closes one door for Michelle Bachmann and opens three to Louie Gohmert. Everybody in a political party feels some sense of: ‘God, why can’t these people just shut up?’...

I'm sorry to hear this. Bachmann was facing ethics scandals and a very tough re-election bid, even in her very Republican district (which will likely continue Republican now).

But if I'm disappointed, just think of how upset comedians must be! They'll probably be having a wake at Saturday Night Live, not to mention the Daily Show and the Colbert Report.

But this might cheer them up:
Looks like Donald Trump didn't learn anything from his last failed run for office. According to the New York Post, he's spent $1 million researching whether he should make another bid for president in 2016. (We could have told him it's not a great idea for free.) "Everybody tells me, 'Please run for president. Please run for president.' I would be much happier if a great and competent person came along," Trump reportedly told attendees at a recent Republican dinner. (Clarification: The "great and competent" person Trump is referring to is himself. That confused us, too.)

Oh, yes! Please, please, please run for president again, Mr. Trump! And try to talk Michele Bachmann into another run, too. Or at least Louie Gohmert!

Anyway, I guess we can take political comedians off that suicide watch now, huh? :)

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