Tuesday, May 14, 2013

To hell with the Men's Rights Movement

This is a follow-up to Steve Shives' "Five Stupid Things about the Men's Rights Movement," which I posted here a couple of weeks ago.

Now, that was part of his "Five Stupid Things" series, which has covered just about everything and everyone, including himself. I mean, the video wasn't at all unusual. He did one about atheists, too (and he is one).

But he's clearly pissed off today, and I understand it. Well, I said it before. As a man, I find the so-called men's rights movement horribly embarrassing. As far as I'm concerned, it's pretty much equivalent to the white supremacist movement, which also claims, often enough, to just be sticking up for white people against rampant discrimination.

And the whining about what pathetic victims we poor men are,... well, how can I not be embarrassed by that? Yeah, we suffer so much from domestic violence, don't we? And we're always being sexually assaulted by women. It's enough to make you cry like a... man, isn't it?

Anyway, I agree with Shives about all of this, including the part about radical feminists, who are clearly on the fringe of the feminist movement, while the men's rights movement is misogynistic at its core. Similarly, there have been, and still are, radicals in the black civil rights movement, but that doesn't mean the civil rights movement in general is equivalent to white supremacist groups.

Yes, I even understand the anger of radicals in the feminist and civil rights movements, though I don't usually agree with their tactics. But I don't understand the men's rights movement or white supremacists at all.

Honestly, they're just embarrassing. (And it's especially embarrassing to find, not just patriarchal religious fundamentalists, but even atheists arguing that kind of crap.)

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