Friday, May 24, 2013

Kaitlyn Hunt's dilemma

Crazy, isn't it? Sexual predator laws are a good thing, but high school kids dating each other is not an example of child abuse. How did we Americans become so insane as to think otherwise?

And you know what else is insane? 'Men's rights' lunatics are commenting on this video clip, whining about being the real victims here, because no one would care if this weren't two women. Jesus they're embarrassing!

If they even bothered to watch the video, both Cenk and Ana spoke up about how boys have also faced this kind of situation, when a parent didn't like who their daughter was dating. How could they make it any plainer that this isn't about the sex of the accused?


Jim Harris said...

Boy is this a tough case to call. Kaitlyn did nothing wrong. But she could end up victim of a horrible law. There should be some kind of window of age relationships. I remember high school girls liking to date college guys when I was growing up.

WCG said...

Yup. Now, maybe I'm more sympathetic because this is a young, pretty girl,... but I don't think so. Boys get into this situation, too, and it's simply a travesty of justice when high school students dating each other are accused of pedophilia!

I have no improper interest in children, but I remember being in high school, and I was very interested in high school girls at the time. Weren't we all? (Or, at least, interested in people, of whatever gender, roughly our own age.)

If you have a 25-year-old dating a 15-year-old, that's different. And, admittedly, I can't say exactly where we should draw the line. But three years - less than three, in this case, apparently - is nothing more than normal teenage urges.