Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A conversation with Matt Dillahunty

This is the first of three very short YouTube video clips (the second is here; the third here) of Matt Dillahunty, interviewed at the Oklahoma Freethought Convention in July.

Dillahunty is the host of The Atheist Experience television show, which is not just the most popular public-access show in Austin, Texas, but also, because it's streamed online, has become surprisingly popular worldwide. (Here's one of their 30-second promos.)

You can also watch the full episodes of past shows, as well as video clips, at their YouTube channel. (That's where I watch them.) They vary in quality, of course, depending on the callers they get. But they can be very entertaining - and educational, too.

For a guy who didn't become a minister because he was terrified of public speaking, Matt Dillahunty does a great job of it now. He's clear, concise, and very knowledgeable. Well, he didn't intend to become an atheist. He started studying religion because he wanted to become a better Christian.

In Part Two, Dillahunty talks about happiness and consequences. In Part Three, he talks about The Atheist Experience TV show and how he got involved with it. It's great stuff.

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