Friday, November 11, 2011

The "oops" heard round the world

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Yeah, you've already seen Rick Perry's "oops," haven't you? Of course you have! Here's CNN:
It's been dubbed the "'Oops' heard around the world," and now there's YouTube evidence to back that up.

According to the video share site, the 53-second clip of Perry's stumble during Wednesday night's Republican presidential debate was the top-rising search that night and was the most-viewed YouTube video in the U.S. on Thursday morning.

But I thought I'd post this, anyway. For one thing, we should never forget how crazy these other candidates are.

(Note that Herman Cain is becoming even more popular with the Republican base, now that those sexual harassment payoffs in the 1990s have become well-known. And his "Princess Nancy" line pretty well confirms his opinion of women - and theirs - don't you think?)

But the other thing is that Jon Stewart is having so much fun with this. And he continued that fun with the sequel, Joy Boners.

Yes, Sarah Palin has been ignored (to her chagrin) since she decided not to run for president. And Michele Bachmann has kept a low profile lately. But apparently, the Republican Party has a never-ending supply of these people, their full-employment policy for comedians.


Jim Harris said...

Well I felt sorry for Rick Perry. I have those moments all the time now. Last night I spent two hours trying to remember my sister-in-law's name.

Of course, I don't think memory impaired people should be president, but I did feel for the guy, and he was pretty funny about it. It was all too human.

I don't know what anyone would want to be president, you instantly become the most hated person on the planet and the butt for millions of jokes.

WCG said...

Feel sorry for him, yes. Want him to be president? No.

And this isn't like forgetting someone's name. A candidate for president should have a clear understanding of what he stands for and why.

If you really want to close the Department of Energy (Really? In this day and age?), you should understand the issue well enough not to forget which department you want to close!

And this is on top of other gaffes, including that speech which had everyone wondering if Perry was stoned or just drunk.

Yeah, you need a thick skin to run for president. But there's never a shortage of candidates, is there?

And it's a demanding job. We don't want to be electing just any average Joe Blow. If you're not up to the campaign, you certainly won't be up to the job itself!

Jim Harris said...

No, I don't want his crazy kind becoming president. And part of his memory failure is he hasn't memorized his own party line. That's really sad too. These guys aren't original thinkiers at all, but just drinkers of the conservative kool-aid.