Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Herman Cain on Libya

Jesus H. Christ! This is just painful! This was even worse than Rick Perry's "oops" moment.

And this is a guy campaigning to be President of the United States? Man, he's so far out of his depth, it's not even funny!

Of course, Herman Cain never expected to be taken seriously, and certainly not to be a frontrunner. He didn't even bother to create a campaign organization. His candidacy was clearly just a stunt to sell his book and to get on the right-wing pundit circuit at Fox "News." As that rarity, a black Republican, he was perfect for them.

But Jeebus, even Sarah Palin wasn't this bad. Well, yeah, she probably was. But she wasn't any worse, anyway - by which I mean that Cain is just that bad. This is like getting foreign policy expertise by seeing Russia from your house. This is the same kind of "gotcha" question as asking what newspapers you read.

OK, these days, in the GOP, lack of knowledge is a bonus, not a detriment. Republicans tend to sneer at eggheads who actually know something. They want a president who brags about being in the top ten of his class of 13 while he's praying for rain. They want a president who thinks that vaccines cause mental retardation because that's what some anonymous stranger on the street told them.

Republicans are faith-based, and knowledge just messes that up. It's easier to believe what you want to believe when you don't actually know anything. Well, Jon Stewart showed that in my previous post. Knowledge just causes problems with the GOP base.

So maybe Republicans will eat this up. To them, maybe this video clip just shows that Herman Cain is one of them, a man so clueless they think he'd be the perfect choice to lead a clueless nation.

After all, we don't want one of those elites in charge, right? Widespread sexual harassment allegations are already helping Cain's fund-raising. And we all know how the lamestream media pick on conservatives, right? So this video clip might actually help Herman Cain, at least among the fanatics of the Republican base.

But for me, it was just painful to watch. I'm just embarrassed for my whole country!

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