Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hitchslap #67 - the Richard Dawkins Award

The above video clip isn't the real "Hitchslap #67" video, but that one (which is available here) is an excerpt of this. Just over six minutes long, it's shorter than this. But it's also rather choppy. And the full thing is so good that I really wanted to post it here.

This is Richard Dawkins presenting the 2011 Richard Dawkins Award to Christopher Hitchens at the Texas Freethought Convention in early October, followed by Hitchens' own remarks. I posted a video clip of part of this previously, but it was an amateur effort which is no longer available on YouTube.

Christopher Hitchens is dying, and he's only a shell of his former self. Still, his personality shines through. And Dawkins is great, as always.

You might be interested in this video clip, too. It's a news clip about the Texas Freethought Convention from an Australian television station. Funny, huh? I didn't see or hear anything in the mainstream media here in Nebraska about the convention just a few states away.

And from what I hear, even Texas media paid little or no attention to the convention held in Houston. But Australia sends a news team? (Note that PZ Myers of Pharyngula is quoted in the clip, but isn't named. He's a celebrity in the atheist community, but not big enough elsewhere, I guess.)

Well, I could be wrong. But that's the only news story I've seen about the convention, outside the atheist community online.

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