Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Republican Party marketing itself to women

I have no idea if Herman Cain sexually harassed these women, and neither do you. But the National Restaurant Association thought enough of the allegations to pay $80,000 to make two of these claims go away. That's a lot of money if they thought there was nothing there.

And this was long before Cain even thought of running for president, or any political office at all. Whatever those first two claims were about, it wasn't politics. (You can argue differently for the others, if you want, but certainly not for those two.)

You've seen how Republicans have treated these women. Obviously, these critics don't know any more than you or I do about the merits of their allegations. They weren't there! (Well, women aren't usually sexually harassed where there's an audience, are they?)

But after seeing the treatment of these women on national TV, would you be likely to claim sexual harassment? This is why these things don't usually get reported.

Well, as I say, I don't know, either. But getting back to the politics of it, is this how the Republican Party markets itself to women? Or are they just relying on single-issue anti-abortion voters, and to hell with anything else? Whatever works, huh?

There's a reason why women tend to vote Democratic, just as there's a reason why African Americans tend to vote Democratic and why Latinos tend to vote Democratic. And in all of these cases, it's not because they're lazy and they want to get a handout from the government (another way the GOP markets itself to minorities).

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