Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Another way guns make us all safer

From Florida, of course (via TPM):
An Orlando, Fla. man accidentally discharged a gun on Friday, first striking a 12-year-old girl in a moving car then himself immediately after, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Ventura Santos Mateo, 60, was in his garage teaching a friend how to clean his gun.

Investigators said he was holding a Sig Sauer pistol above his waist when the weapon discharged in the direction of the street, striking the girl in her right upper arm. The 12-year-old was riding in the front seat of the car, with her younger brother in the back seat. Her father didn't realize she had been shot until he pulled into his driveway about a block down the street.

"Surprised and distressed by the inadvertent shot, Mateo 'nervously' shot again by accident, striking himself in the left thigh," the Sentinel reported, citing police.

Again, it's Florida, so he's apparently not going to be charged with anything.


Chimeradave said...

He shot someone and there is not honna be a court case. That sounds nuts to me

WCG said...

Originally, they were just going to shrug it off, John. I think they're going to take a second look, now that it's getting so much publicity. But this is Florida, after all.

Yes, it was an accident. Obviously. But these are the kinds of accidents which happen more and more frequently the more guns we have everywhere.

Gun manufacturers scare people, just so they can sell more product, but these people are far more likely to shoot someone by accident - or on purpose, like those crazy 'Stand Your Ground' incidents (also in Florida) - than ever need to defend themselves.

Chimeradave said...

You really shouldnt be allowed to have a gun unless you know how to use it. This guy obviously needs basic lessons in regards to how to use and clean his gun otherwise he is a danger to himself and others!

WCG said...

Lessons? Not long ago, an instructor in a concealed carry class accidentally shot one of the people he was trying to teach (not fatally, luckily). The really funny thing? That was the second time he'd accidentally shot someone taking his class!

People are people. Training helps, but we're still going to get accidents. And sudden shootings in panic and/or rage, too. (Heck, the guy who killed that father texting his three-year-old daughter in the Florida movie theater was a retired cop. The problem wasn't lack of training, but just having a gun at hand.)