Thursday, March 13, 2014

Men's vs women's health care

Funny, isn't it? Federally-funded penis pumps, but no birth control for women? Viagra, sure. Cialis, of course. But no birth control pills for women, heaven forbid! (Literally, heaven forbids it.)

You'd think if men were getting penis pumps, then dildos would also be covered, wouldn't you? But can you imagine conservative heads exploding about that? (Actually, that would be pretty funny. I'd love to see it!)

The crazy thing - well, one of the crazy things - is that these right-wingers are also dead set against abortion. But if they really cared about abortion, instead of about controlling women, then effective birth control would be their top priority.

Here's another video, not so funny, on the subject of women's health care:

Old white men tend to look at things from the perspective of old white men. And since old white men controlled our country - and still do, largely - that was the perspective of our laws and regulations. In fact, that perspective tended to be just an implicit assumption.

Now, things are changing. There are a record number of women in Congress (though still only 18.8% of the total membership), and women tend to look at some of these things differently.

Of course, they were still raised in a patriarchal society and almost all belong to a patriarchal religion, so their attitudes aren't necessarily going to be different. But it's a start.


jeff725 said...

Saw this on the Daily Telegraph.

White males being portrayed as bumbling idiots on TV shows and commercials? Can't imagine why...

IMO, with all the mischief we've caused in this world over the centuries, it's best we swallow our pride and take our medicine. But, I will add this cautionary to the feminists: Don't become what you despise.

WCG said...

Hey, I didn't cause any mischief over the centuries, Jeff. I haven't been around that long! :)

Note that it's the Christians who believe in inherited guilt ('original sin'), and I'm certainly not a Christian. Besides, I had just as many ancestors who were women as were men. I think I can be pretty sure of that. LOL

And I don't want old white men to go away. Given that I'm one myself, that would be kind of dumb, don't you think? I just value diversity. I don't want women to have any more say in society than I do, but I don't want them to have any less, either.

I can't check out that link right now, but I will. Thanks.

WCG said...

OK, I read that column. I agree, in a way. I mean, I hate seeing men displayed as bumbling idiots on TV, but not because they're men. I hate seeing bumbling idiots on TV, period. (Even in comedies, I usually don't find it very funny.)

But if you're going to make fun of people, there are two ways you can do it. You can either make fun of the people on top - the people with power in our society - or you can make fun of the people on the bottom.

Historically, men - in particular, white men - have been privileged in our society (and in most societies). By making fun of men, you're making fun of the people who've been on top. Of course, it's even better if those men are wealthy, or politically powerful.

The other option would be to make fun of the people on the bottom, people already disadvantaged in our society - minorities, the handicapped, women (in many cases), the homeless, etc. Many societies - especially those of the past - have done just that. People without power were the butt of their jokes - at least in part because it was too dangerous to make fun of the powerful.

Now, obviously, not all men on television are fools. And the fools on television aren't always men, either. Some of this is just selection bias. This guy - like most of us - notices the instances he dislikes more than the instances which don't piss him off.

But if you're going to have bumbling idiots on TV, I don't care if they're white men. In fact, I'd prefer it over other demographic groups. White men are still on top in America, overall, and as a group, this isn't going to do us much harm.

Of course, I don't like this kind of thing no matter who is being portrayed that way. I think it's dumb. But if we have to have bumbling idiots on TV, I can't be overly concerned that it's people like me. As far as I'm concerned, it's far better than picking on people who've traditionally been powerless.

Note that I've had (nearly) every advantage in life, so I can certainly take being the butt of jokes. Why would I whine about something like that, given all the advantages I've had? Now that would be making a fool of myself.