Saturday, March 8, 2014

Yeah, no surprise, this CPAC story was bullshit

This is like David Barton presenting a fictional story as history. Faith-based people don't care if their stories are true. They know what they want to believe, and that's all that matters to them. If reality doesn't match up, they'll use a lie.

Of course this was bullshit. It was at CPAC. What did you expect?

Oh, and I do like the examples given here - those of Eboni K. Williams and Steve Oh, people who actually needed help as children and used it to become successful adults. All children should have a decent chance to succeed in life. Why would anyone let children go hungry, especially just to save billionaires pocket change?


Gregg Garthright said...

Wow, who would ever have thought that Paul Ryan would say something that's not true? Oh wait, this is Mr. "I ran a three hour marathon". Not so surprising after all, is it?

One thing about Ryan - he only lies when his mouth is open. How can anyone take him seriously?

WCG said...

Yup. He fits right in at CPAC, doesn't he? :)