Monday, March 24, 2014

Educating Raymond

Yes, this is impolite, but keep in mind that Ray Comfort is the 'banana man' - the guy who claimed that the Cavendish banana was proof of God, because it was just so perfect for human requirements,... after being bred and selected by human beings for thousands of years for just those characteristics. ("The banana - the atheist's nightmare." Yes, that's actually what he said.)

And as this video demonstrates, he doesn't even know his own holy book, though he pushes it on everyone else just as hard as he can (and he certainly won't change his mind, even when the contradiction is read to him from his own Bible).

But then, this is not just Comfort's religion, but his job. He makes a very good living pushing this crap, and he's worshiped by his followers. I'm sure he wouldn't give that up, no matter what.

Baud Bits has made a whole series of videos about Ray Comfort, and this isn't even the most impolite. (Check out this one, for example - especially if you want to find out more about Comfort's banana claims.)

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