Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Flight to fantasy

This is embarrassing, isn't it? It shows not just the sad state of journalism in America, but the prevalent faith-based thinking here. Black holes? Bermuda Triangle? LOST?

I don't know if Don Lemon is this idiotic himself, or if he's just pandering to his idiot viewers, but note that CNN's ratings doubled during this period. How embarrassing is that? (At the very least, that will guarantee we see more of this kind of bullshit.)

As Jon Stewart says, "And don't worry about it if you're wrong, 'cause there are no consequences for that. At all. Ever."

And then it gets even worse. Psychics? Numerology? Noah's Ark? What have these people been smoking? And these are supposed to be news networks?

Yeah, numerology and Noah's Ark, really:

I guess that all we can do is laugh at this stuff, huh?


jeff725 said...

Speaking of flights of fantasy, Billy Graham's daughter says it's "The Rapture."


WCG said...

Um,... I've got a couple of problems - big problems - with that, Jeff. First of all, he doesn't include a link to the post he's criticizing. That's a red flag for me - and rightly so, as it turns out.

If you read what Anne Graham Lotz actually wrote, you'll see that she didn't say this "could be the first signs of The Rapture." She was merely using the Malaysian airliner disaster as a example, that's all:

"Is this worldwide sense of shock and helplessness, of questions and confusion, of fear and grief a glimpse of things to come? Is this a small snapshot of what the entire world will experience the day after the rapture of the church?"

Of course, I think the whole rapture stuff is nuts. Furthermore, I don't see the point. Aren't Christians who've died already in Heaven? Won't Anne Graham Lotz go to Heaven when she dies?

So what happens after the rapture? Do they get upgraded to first class then? Do they get to go to a super-duper Heaven, instead of just the plain old boring Heaven they've got now?

What's better than Heaven? And what's worse than being burned alive for eternity in Hell? If paradise isn't enough for you, how is the rapture supposed to make it better?

These people just long for the day the world will end, don't they? It can't be for themselves, because they already think they're going to Heaven. And it can't be for 'sinners,' since they already think those people are going to Hell.

So what is it, then? Why do they yearn for the world to end? Is it just that they can't wait to flip off the rest of us as they're floating up into the sky? It can't be anything else, can it? Isn't it just the base desire to taunt non-believers? "Ha, ha! Told you so!"

jeff725 said...

Since the main topic of discussion is Flight 370,

"So what happens after the rapture? Do they get upgraded to first class then?"

Worst. Pun. Ever. :)

WCG said...