Sunday, March 23, 2014


It's spring. No, it doesn't look like that picture here - certainly not yet. In fact, it's supposed to snow tonight. (Not much, unfortunately. We really need the moisture, and while I'd rather have rain, I'll happily take snow right now, if that's what we get.)

But it's still spring, and that means I need to cut back on blogging. Or try, at least. (Yeah, I need to cut back on playing computer games, too, but that's going to be harder. I'm still playing Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead almost obsessively. Man, that's a great game!)

Anyway, until next winter, don't be surprised if I go a few days at a time without posting anything. And when I do post, it's likely to be something short and quick, like embedding a video clip from YouTube. I've got a million things to blog about - I always do - but I need to get some other things done, as well.

Don't worry, I still plan to continue with my Bible series. Unfortunately, Leviticus has been boring as hell, and I've still got one more post to finish that book. And I'm sure I'll be continuing with my latest adventures in Cataclysm. As I noted above, I can't seem to stop playing the game, so I might as well blog about it, huh? :)

This is an election year, too, so the crazy will be out in force. Already, the Koch brothers - or whoever is funding this particular right-wing group - are already bombarding me with political ads on YouTube. Hey, guys, I wouldn't vote for that lunatic anyway, but your anonymous campaign ads are so annoying, I'd vote against him, just out of spite, for that reason alone!

Of course, this is Nebraska, so some right-wing lunatic is bound to win every statewide race. But don't get me started. :)  Anyway, I'll still be blogging regularly, but probably - hopefully - not as much as during the winter.

I hope you stick around, though. Thanks for reading my posts, and thanks for your comments!


m1nks said...

Spring was very early here this year. A good month before winter was offically over the first of the trees were in full blossom and the crocuses had popped up.

By now the trees that blossomed a month are shedding all over the pavements and all of the daffodils are open. Such a lovely sight!

Still, it worries me a bit. It's been a VERY mild winter. TBH I barely noticed it.

WCG said...

It was a harsh winter in most of the United States (which disproves global warming, of course - heh, heh). It wasn't especially bad here, though very dry. But it's certainly not an early spring.

Nothing is blooming here, and even the buds on most of my trees haven't started swelling. That's probably a consequence of both the cold and the lack of moisture, but it's supposed to rain tomorrow, and things will probably change in a hurry.