Saturday, December 17, 2011

The 45 worst Fox News moments of 2011

From BuzzFeed, it's the 45 worst Fox News moments of 2011.

I suspect that it was originally supposed to be the ten worst Fox News moments of 2011, but there were just so many that it was hard to narrow it down any further.

Certainly I had a hard time picking just one to include here. Finally, I settled on the above image. If you can't read it, the original Associated Press headline read "AP Poll: Economic worries pose new snags for Obama."

Fox News changed that to "AP: Obama Has a Big Problem with White Women." Heh, heh. Yeah, that's not going to imply anything to the elderly white racists who watch Fox, is it?

Some of these "moments" are just funny, like Fox News showing a picture of Tina Fey doing her impression of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live,... mistaking that for the real Sarah Palin! And Palin works for Fox News, too!

And some are just disgusting, like labeling Elie Wiesel as "Holocaust winner," or Fox News readers' racist and misogynistic comments about Michelle Obama's appearance, or... well, most of these are disgusting, actually.

But they're all here, from Fox's campaign against the scientific consensus on global warming to their campaign against the "radical homosexual agenda" to their assertion that Americans can't really be "poor" if they have a refrigerator in their house.

And it's only December 17th. Maybe there are only 45 in this list because they wanted to leave room for five more that will likely appear before the end of year. Then, it's on to 2012 - an election year, so this list will probably need to be the 100 worst Fox News moments this time next year.


m1nks said...

45 was particulary scary.

WCG said...

Yes, indeed!