Monday, December 5, 2011

The religious right vs every woman on Earth

This was Rebecca Watson's talk at Skepticon 4 at Missouri State University last month. The whole thing is worth watching, but if you can't find the 40 minutes or so, you still might want to watch the first eight minutes.

That's because she follows up on her talk last year, also excellent, on "How to Ruin Christmas." In that one, she mentioned a movie, Christmas with a Capital C. Well, in the year since then, she not only watched the movie, but had a very interesting talk with the director and the screenwriter.

I think you'll be surprised to hear what she found out. It really is pretty funny.

The rest of the Skepticon 4 talks are also online, at Hambone Production's YouTube channel. Actually, talks from all of the Skepticons are there. And I'm sure they're all great, too. (That's the big problem with the internet, isn't it?)

Incidentally, in her talk about "How to Ruin Christmas" (which I've watched just now), Rebecca Watson notes the exact reason why I remember believing in Santa Claus, myself - and why I didn't believe in God. There was actually evidence for Santa Claus.

But I've talked about that before, and there's no sense getting into it again. I just thought her talk a year ago was really good, too.

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