Thursday, December 1, 2011

Civilization V on sale again

(from Wikipedia)

If you missed my Thanksgiving Day post (shame on you for not keeping up here!), or just missed that one-day sale at GameSpot, note that Civilization V has just gone on sale at GamersGate, too.

For the next three days or so, you can buy Civilization V for only $7.49. That's apparently 75% off the normal price of this one-year-old game.

Please note that the game runs on Steam, which I really, really dislike. That's the main reason I hadn't bought the game earlier. But for $7.49, I'm willing to compromise. :)

In fact, I did buy the game on Thanksgiving, and I've been playing it the past few days. My favorite is still Civilization II, and I dislike the direction they've taken the series since then. But I must admit that I like some of the changes here, notably the new hex-based combat system.

However, I don't play Civilization for the combat, as necessary as that is. I play it for the building and for the terrain modification. (It's funny, but I always loved that.)

Still, it's been fun, and for $7.49, I'm definitely getting my money's worth. After years and years of playing Civilization II, I really need something new. It's like reading the same book over and over again. As much as I might love it, there comes a time when I've had enough.

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m1nks said...

I love Civ - I shudder to think at the months of my life I've given over to this game and Alpha Cent as well.