Saturday, December 24, 2011

Inside my Minecraft home

OK, after posting screenshots of the setting of my latest Minecraft home, I had a request to show the inside. My pleasure! :)

But don't expect too much. I'm not particularly imaginative, and it's a small house. As I noted before, I'd intended to build a multi-story structure, but at the top of this cliff, I apparently ran into a height limit in the game. In fact, that's why my house has a flat roof, because I couldn't go even one block higher.

At any rate, this is the front door. (As always, click on the images to embiggen.) There's a small swimming pool in the foreground, and the stairs down to my wheat farm on the right. The stairs are glassed-in on the outside, which lets me look for monsters on the way down. And after first experiencing the torrential rains here, I put a roof over that, too.

This is the master bedroom - just a bed, table, and bookcases. I like a lot of light in the house (note even the glass roof), so there's not much room for paintings or other wall decorations. And although I thought about putting a wool rug on the floor, I never got around to it. Interior decorating isn't my forte.

You can see the back door in that picture, too. It opens to the south, to the bridge which leads to my animal pens. Turning, you can see the other side of the room:

This is my dining room/kitchen. Again, it's more functional than decorative. The cabinet holds my food, with the oven just beneath it. And the stairs to the basement runs along the south wall.

The basement itself is rather empty. There's a crafting area in one corner, but that's about it. Oh, that hole in the foreground contains the ladder leading, eventually, to the top of that glass-enclosed elevator to the docks, which I showed in the first bunch of pictures:

Maybe this isn't as decorative as most Minecraft homes, but it works for me. At this point, I'm more concerned with exploring. First, I want to find a deep crevasse, so I can do some mining. The only one I've found so far is not very deep or very long. But if I can find the right spot, I'll probably build a little home there, too, either hanging onto the side of the crevasse or dug a little bit into it.

I'd also like to find a large, flat area of dry ground, so I can build a more elaborate structure, perhaps a walled farming community, or a fort or something. There are only small patches of dry ground around here, and most of them are on the sides of cliffs! I need to find a continent somewhere, if I can.

Certainly, Minecraft worlds are big enough for everything. My biggest worry will be getting lost while exploring. As it is, by the time I get down a cliff, I usually find myself somewhere completely unexpected. I really need to make a map! (But for that, I need a compass, and for that, I need redstone.)

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AJ said...

These are great! Look at all the books. Such fun.