Friday, December 30, 2011

The top ten GOP moments of 2011

Sometimes, the Democrats actually transcend their normal political ineptness. This, I think, is one of those times.

Of course, look at the material they had to work with!

I still think that Herman Cain's political ads should have been included in here somewhere. But I suppose they had to draw the line at ten.

And the really funny thing is that Michele Bachmann isn't included at all. Or Rick Santorum. They really did have an embarrassment of riches to work with.


m1nks said...

This is awesome. Do one for 2012 when the time comes. Although I think it needs to grow, at only 10 you must be spoilt for choice. Top 100 seems a better target to go for... :-)

WCG said...

Heh, heh. Well, I didn't actually create this video, m1nks, so I'll just have to post them as I find them.

Send me a link, if you find a good one. My email address it to the right, under "Contact." (Note that I get a lot of spam, so make the subject line something I'll notice, something that will stand out from the spam.)

Or just leave the link in a comment, if you want. I can't post all that I get, but I at least try to look at them.

m1nks said...

Yes I clicked after posting that it wasn't you that did it, still kudos for posting I love anything that makes me laugh.