Tuesday, December 20, 2011


First, there was "hitchslap," and now there's "hitchling," a new word, suggested by Anne Crumpacker, accepted into the Urban Dictionary:
1. hitchling


a child void of religious indoctrination who is encouraged to read broadly and to seek the truth unapologetically

(In memoriam of Christopher Hitchens)

Her parents are skeptics, so they are raising her as a hitchling.

Note that Crumpacker's daughter, Mason, is the hitchling who caused such a stir at the Texas Freethought Convention in October.


Jim Harris said...

I wish I could have been raised without religious indoctrination. Luckily for me, it didn't stick. I don't know why though. I just hated going to church and never felt what they were talking about. I tried. Sometimes I even lied to people to make them happy. But I just never felt what they felt.

Was it genetics, or something in the environment?

WCG said...

I never understood it, either, Jim. Maybe God just wanted to have some people he could torture for eternity. :)