Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Atheist Experience: very pro-unicorn

This is an excerpt from the Atheist Experience TV show, episode #361 - an even older show than the last one I posted, by some years, I think.

The hosts are Ashley Perrien and Keryn Glasser. I don't think either is still hosting the show, and that's a shame, since Keryn does such a great job here. (I think she's still an alternate, though.)

Keryn talks about being pro-unicorn. Well, lots of people enjoy fantasy. That doesn't mean it's real. (Note when Ashley interjects the Death Star. That's so stereotypical, it's funny.) At any rate, if you like unicorns, if you like fairies, if you like witches, maybe you understand where Keryn is coming from. You can enjoy those things, while still understanding that they're just fiction.

I don't want to be sexist, but this is why diversity is such a good thing in the atheist community. And yes, we need more black and Hispanic atheists, too. It's not that your race or your gender has anything to do with atheism. It's just that we all bring diverse viewpoints to the table.

Maybe you'll identify more with Keryn than with Ashley or Matt or Russell. Or maybe you'll just enjoy her lively description of being pro-unicorn.


Anonymous said...

I don't think she actually believes in unicorns. They often use the unicorn or dragon examples to demonstrate that the burden of proof rests with the person making the claim. If I said I saw I unicorn then it's up to me to prove the it exists rather than for you to prove it doesn't exist. I think that is what she was trying to say.

WCG said...

No, of course she doesn't, Anonymous. She's talking about loving fantasy - fiction. In fact, she says right out that she doesn't believe in unicorns.

And yes, the burden of proof lies with the person making a claim, not with the person who doesn't believe it. But actually, I don't think that was the point she was making here.