Sunday, March 4, 2012

UnReal World

This is the first video clip in a YouTube "let's play" of UnReal World, a survival game set in Iron Age Finland. This clip is just the introduction and character creation. Actual game-play starts in clip #2. (The whole playlist is here.)

I've only watched a couple of these - I just stumbled across these videos this morning - but I thought I'd post the first one here, because I really love this game. Note that it's one of those games being developed by one guy, who's already been working on it for years. He releases a new version every so often, kind of like Dwarf Fortress.

Well, there are many similarities to Dwarf Fortress - and to Minecraft, too - but it's still a very different game from both of them. It's a graphical rogue-like, a survival game in a very dangerous environment (especially in winter).

You'll die often, and death is permanent. But unlike most rogue-likes, it's also a game where you can build pretty much everything you need. In fact, you can start with virtually nothing and have to really struggle to survive your first day. There are plenty of dangers, but the biggest might be cold, hunger, and thirst.

Note that it's a complicated game, so I recommend checking out the wiki.

Well, this "let's play" series will give you a good idea of the gameplay. It's not a very fancy game, but it's great fun. You can download the demo for free here, and you can buy the game for as little as $3 here.

I'd love to get back into it again, myself, but I'm struggling to even find enough time for Dwarf Fortress. Unfortunately, there's never enough time for everything, is there?

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