Friday, March 30, 2012

I dunno

I dunno why I thought this was so funny. Maybe the really short skirt helped? :)


Jeff said...

I'll see that clip and raise you a Bill Cosby:

m1nks said...

I found that as creepy as hell.

WCG said...

Yeah, it's pretty strange. I'm not sure why I think it's so funny - a combination of things, I suppose. Like the end, googling whether or not animals go to heaven. :)

m1nks said...

I found it so creepy because:

1. the reaction of one girl for something she didn't understand and which scared her a little was to violently kick it to death
2. the ignorance of the two having no opinions of their own (although I know that having an opinion is almost impossible as they will always be formed by the experiences and words of others) but just pulling out their phones and letting that decide their world view.

Very disturbing.

WCG said...

I agree, m1nks. That's pretty much what made it funny, I think.

But humor is a very subjective thing. I usually can't analyze it. I find some things funny, but not others, and my best friends might disagree with me. It's very subjective.