Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rush Limbaugh, the crème de la creepy

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Of course, you knew that Jon Stewart would cover this Rush Limbaugh idiocy, didn't you? Stephen Colbert did, too. His take on it is here. (Colbert also talks about Limbaugh's fake apology.)

But Jon Stewart hits this right on the button, don't you think? Just to emphasize a few points:

1) Everyone pays taxes for things they don't like.

2) This isn't even about your tax money. It's about health insurance that insurance companies actually want to provide, since preventing unintended pregnancies saves them money.

3) The Catholic Church doesn't even pay taxes, so what's that priest yammering about? And they're not going to be required to pay for this health insurance provision, either, under Barack Obama's compromise proposal.

4) This isn't about "someone else" paying for your birth control, let alone someone else paying you to have sex. This is about health insurance that you pay for, or that's part of what your employee pays you for working at your job, part of your compensation package. So how is this "someone else"?

And if that's "someone else paying you to have sex," what in the heck is getting Viagra through your health insurance plan?

Well, I could go on and on. None of this makes sense - nothing from Rush Limbaugh, nothing from the Catholic Church, nothing from the Republican Party, which is just flailing around desperately, looking for a way to attack Barack Obama.


Jeff said...

To Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert:


At last check, the advertiser jumping-ship count is up to 20.


And who's fault is it for the Bilious, Bucolic, Buffalo-butt's comments......wait for it....the Left!


Been having trouble reading you blog the last couple of days, but it seems to be fixed now. It kept goofing up my web browser (I use Google Chrome).

Maybe Jody P. hacked your blog:)

WCG said...

I actually use Carbonite to back up my hard drive, Jeff. But I wouldn't have signed up with them if I'd known they were one of Rush Limbaugh's advertisers. (I just sent them an email telling them that, too.)

But this is the only way we'll get rid of people like that, if they stop making money doing what they do. That's why Fox "News" fired Glenn Beck.

I don't have any idea why you couldn't access my blog. (I use Firefox, for what it's worth.) On Saturday, I did embed a video clip from The Onion which I never could get to work right, but that's the only problem I've had recently.

So I just don't know. But the only reason I can blog at all is because Blogger makes it so easy. When it comes to anything technical, I'm out of my depth.

Jim Harris said...

I've always found Rush Limbaugh offensive, but this shows him to be repugnant, repulsive and unbelievably stupid. I can't believe such a man earns $56 million dollars a year as such a hate monger. He's an embarrassment to our species.

WCG said...

Sadly, he makes that much because he's a hate monger, Jim. You don't make money on talk radio by being reasonable and rational.

Rush Limbaugh has made a career out of being outrageous. He is repugnant, repulsive, and unbelievably stupid, but he does this kind of thing deliberately. That's how he stays on top.

Remember, during the Clinton presidency, when he called Chelsea Clinton "butt-ugly"? Think about that. He called a 13-year-old girl butt-ugly on national radio - which, of course, was guaranteed to get publicity - just because he didn't like the politics of her parents. How despicable is that?

That's just one of many, many examples. Far from hurting his career, those kinds of things have made it. Has he gone too far this time? Maybe. Apparently, he's lost 24 advertisers, so far. But you can bet that he's only increased his standing among his fans.

Presumably, there is a limit. And these days, the internet can spread information around and make it easy to complain to his advertisers. Heck, Limbaugh was actually forced to apologize this time. But like everything else, this uproar will die down. Once it's out of the news, he'll probably have no problem getting advertisers again.

Yes, he's an embarrassment to our species. In fact, this whole situation is an embarrassment to our species. Our society shouldn't work like this, but it does. Well, maybe the internet will make a difference now. I guess we'll see.