Monday, March 5, 2012


It's March, so I declare it spring. (You know, I've never understood making the equinox the "official" start of spring. What does that have to do with spring? Spring, after all, depends on your location.)

At any rate, spring, for me, means a whole lot more work - mostly outdoors, but also trying to catch up on all of the indoor work I should have been doing all winter. So I really need to cut back on blogging.

Yes, I've said that before. It's just hard to do. And considering how far behind I am already,... well, it's really pretty ridiculous. I've got tons of things I'd like to blog about. And I haven't even looked at some of the links people have sent me. Well, I'm really behind on my email in general.

Nevertheless, I need to switch modes here, from winter to spring. So if I don't post anything for a day or two, don't call the rescue squad. I'll probably continue to post quite a bit anyway, but I'm going to try to cut back.

Likewise, if I'm a little slower on email, don't be surprised by that, either.  As I say, it's spring!

PS. Wondering about that illustration up above? Expecting a robin, maybe?

Well, robins are certainly a sign of spring - early spring, even. But I've got a snake pit under the garage, where a whole bunch of garter snakes are probably having wild, passionate sex - if not now, then soon enough.

And it won't be too long before my whole yard is overrun with snakes. OK, it will be awhile yet. Snakes don't like the cold. So maybe I should have gone with the robin in the first place. :)


Anonymous said...

Perhaps those garter snakes should be introduced to Rushbo (or vice versa)? :-)

WCG said...

Hey, I like my garter snakes. I wouldn't wish that on them.

Then again, they're both cold and reptilian, both with tiny little brains and big appetites, both regularly take the low road.

But no, I think my garter snakes have too much self respect to associate with Rush Limbaugh.