Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The vulgar games

It strikes me as funny that right-wingers can't defend Rush Limbaugh, and tend to be terrified of criticizing him, so they fall back on that childish "everyone else does it, too" excuse - specifically, that liberals are just as bad.

But what kind of defense is that? For one thing, Rush Limbaugh pioneered this kind of garbage. But more importantly, I don't like it when people on the left do it, either. Note that Jon Stewart doesn't do that sort of thing, and neither does Stephen Colbert, just one reason I like both of them.

Bill Maher does, sometimes, but there's a lot about Maher that bothers me. Of course, sometimes Maher hits the nail square on the head, too. But the important thing is that, when Maher uses this kind of language - even when he's criticizing a politician or a celebrity, not a college student - he faces criticism from the right and the left. Besides, this isn't about Maher because Maher didn't do it this time!

"He did it, too" is a grade school kind of defense. This is what you say when you're six and you're reprimanded for saying a dirty word. But the fact that someone else has also done it, sometime in the past, isn't a defense. And most of us learn that by the time we get to age ten or so.

But not Fox "News." Fox plays the victim for all it's worth. Well, what else do they have?  They can't actually use reason and evidence, because reason and evidence are on the other side.

Note that I had a little trouble getting the above video clip to embed, and in the hope that it might help, I'm going to post the follow-up clip below the fold:

Kristen Schaal is right. Republican actions speak even louder than their words. And that's the case in every respect, I'd say.

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