Monday, March 26, 2012

Mitt Romney's lies

Rachel Maddow has a follow-up video clip on this here.

And Steve Benen at the Rachel Maddow Blog has eleven pages of Mitt Romney's lies. (Volume XI is here. There are links to the other ten pages at the bottom of that post.)

Some of these lies are more blatant than others, but many are really obvious lies. Furthermore, you can claim that all political campaigns lie - or, at least, mislead - to some extent. But has there ever been a major candidate for president who's lied as easily, as readily, as often as this?

Mitt Romney lies even when there's no need to lie. I've known people like that, people who would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth wouldn't hurt them, people who are so used to lying that they just lie routinely, without even thinking about it.

Everyone knows that Mitt Romney is the flip-flopper to beat all flip-floppers. Romney believes that Mitt Romney should be president, and that's it. Everything else is negotiable. In every single policy position, he swings to the political wind.

But is there more to it than this? Is he actually a pathological liar? Can he simply not distinguish the truth from a lie, anymore? Note that he lies repeatedly, without shame, even after he's been called on the lie. He never apologizes for his lies. Indeed, if they're popular, he just keeps using them.

I know that moderate Republicans - the few remaining moderate Republicans - support Romney because they think he doesn't actually believe all the crazy things he says. He just has to placate the loony Republican base to get the nomination. But how do they really know what he believes?

Or is this just more faith-based thinking? Republicans are faith-based, not evidence-based, so they just believe whatever they want to believe. They know that Romney lies -  how could they not? - but they believe he really sides with whatever they think.

Why do they believe that? Oh, no reason. They just have faith.


Anonymous said...

Romney says what he wants to believe and what he wants others to believe. I think it's pathological and not necessarily intentional as deceit.

He will SAY ANYTHING to become president because that's all he wants. He has no interest in serving the people, he just wants to BE President of The United States. Power? Yeah! Money? Yeah! He'll have so much more control over money if he's prez!

He's a horror show that looks good on the outside, but is blackened, sooty, ugly, and vile on the inside! And he's totally UNAWARE of who or what he really is...weak intrapersonal awareness is very dangerous in leadership positions!!!

WCG said...

Yes, I think you're right, Anonymous. At least, I think that Romney is 100% ambition, so there's just no room for anything else.

I think that's why he seems so artificial. He's like a robot programed to run for president, and nothing else. That ambition is everything. If he even notices his lies, they don't matter, except as they might affect the progress to his goal.

I don't know whether the prospect of being America's first Mormon president has helped create this all-consuming ambition, or if it's just innate. But it's pretty scary. So is this: Republicans in general think that the end justifies the means, and Romney has really taken that to heart.