Friday, March 9, 2012

Eric Bolling's secret gas plan

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Eric Bolling's Secret Gas Prices Plan
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"Whenever I need advice on the oil market, I turn to Fox News, home of conservative rising star and Fox News contributor, Eric Bolling. He's the lead fives-man on Fox News' five-o'clock talk show, The Five, which is like The View for people who think that The View's panelists are too well informed."

Heh, heh. Stephen Colbert hit it right on the head, didn't  he? Meanwhile, Fox News hardly even seems to be trying these days. A secret plan in a manilla envelope? Really? That's the best they can do?

This is kind of like Jon Stewart's clip last night on the secret videotape dug up by Sean Hannity - a 1991 tape of Barack Obama hugging Harvard Law School's first black tenured professor.

Man, these guys at Fox are really reaching, aren't they? They're flailing about more and more desperately these days, as the economy continues to recover.

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