Sunday, September 9, 2012

A few good minds

We need a lot more minds like these.

FYI, these are, in order, Bertrand Russell, Richard Feynman, Matt Dillahunty, Christopher Hitchens, and Carl Sagan.


Jeff said...

WCG, I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to LJS online. When the time is right, I will start taking intellectual shots at the conserva-trolls who inhabit it. And you know damn well Jody P. will be my primary target. I just have to think of a proper opening salvo.

My screen name will be Jeff725. Now I have to come up with a proper avatar.

WCG said...

Unfortunately, Jeff, you're starting that just as I've ended it. I check the headlines every morning, but with only ten free articles in 30 days, I rarely read any of them.

I might still comment in the Religion section occasionally, since those articles don't get overwhelmed with comments. But I need to save my freebies for local news I can't get elsewhere.

But I'm leaving them in good hands, I guess, huh? That's good to know. Best of luck!