Friday, September 7, 2012

Backbone? What's that?

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Hope and Change 2 - Democratic Platform Amendments
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So, do Democratic politicians have to be castrated before they're nominated, or just before they take office? And what about the women?

Hmm,... maybe it's just an injection that dissolves their backbone. That would work on all of them, I guess.

The Republicans on Fox 'News' complain, so of course Democratic leaders roll over and offer their bellies in submission. (But not the delegates, at least - not all of them. Good for them!)

Well, as I've said before, it's just a good thing that the entire Republican Party is so completely batshit crazy, or no Democrat would ever win election. Often enough, it's embarrassing to be a Democrat, but it's always embarrassing to be a Republican.

OK, OK, I suppose that's not really true. Just as Democrats have their spines removed, I'm sure that Republicans have their sense of shame removed - not to mention their common sense, their ethics, and their ability to separate fantasy from reality.


Jim Harris said...

That was hilarious. That three vocal votes show just how spineless the Democrats are.

WCG said...

Hilarious and depressing, both. But note that it's mostly just Democratic leaders who are spineless. I had to admire the delegates who stuck to their 'no' votes, despite the clear wishes of their 'leadership.'