Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mitt Romney hits a new low

Every time I think Mitt Romney has reached about as low as he can go, he sinks even lower.

I realize that lies have worked very, very well for Republicans. I realize that they based their entire convention on a lie (the "you didn't build that" lie). I realize that Paul Ryan stood up in his convention speech, broadcast to millions of Americans, and repeated lie after lie after lie.

But is there no limit to their mendacity? Religious nuts attacked our embassies and killed American personnel, yet Mitt Romney lies about it for political gain. What kind of man does that?

There was nothing wrong with that statement from the U.S. embassy. And it had nothing to do with the attack, anyway, since it was released before then.

There are only two possibilities here. Either Mitt Romney opened his mouth and inserted his foot without knowing all the facts, and is now desperately trying to recover from that incredibly idiotic error, or he's simply continuing the tactics of his whole campaign - and Republican tactics for years now - and flat-out lying, hoping that the American people are ignorant enough and gullible enough to buy it.

Either way, he's just shown that he's unfit to be President of the United States.


Jeff said...

Check out the grin on Romney's face as he leaves the podium.

BTW, I have amended my LJS avatar. Still George Carlin, but it should work a little better.

Haven't decided when to jump in on the comments. I'll probably lay in the weeds for a little bit. Study the enemy.

WCG said...

Jeff, I thought I'd disagree about that Romney picture, but I don't think I do. It's pretty damning. He does look like someone who's just scored political points, no matter how many American lives were lost. I might re-post it here.

Re. your avatar, I wasn't suggesting that you change the first one. However, I do like this one better. After all, it's a very small image.

Too bad I'm no longer active at the LJS site. I would have liked to see you ambush your prey. :)

Gregg Garthright said...

It's becoming increasingly clear that Mitt Romney has no convictions of his own - he'll say and do anything to try to win the election.

As much as he twists himself into knots trying to do the popular thing, he's a horrible politician. I've never seen a major party candidate who is so clueless - he comes off as robotic and strangely alien. I don't understand how anyone would support him.

WCG said...

Gregg, I don't understand how anyone could support the Republican Party in general, given what they've done to us in recent years. They haven't even changed their policies from those which failed so disastrously during the Bush administration.

And then, after nominating someone like Mitt Romney (not that any of the other major candidates were better), it's just astonishing that they're even competitive this year. How could anyone still plan to vote Republican?