Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tony Robbins' firewalking fail

OK, this is more than a month old, but it's still good. And there's a particular reason why I wanted to post it.

Cara Santa Maria, who's commenting here with Cenk Uygur, is the senior science correspondent (senior? really?) at the Huffington Post, so I've always been a bit - um, more than a bit - skeptical of her. From the little I've seen of it, PuffHo tends to have a whole lot of credulous woo mixed in with their 'science.'

And, OK, maybe that's not fair. I don't read it, not regularly, so I suppose I just see blog posts when it's particularly bad. But I've seen Santa Maria on The Young Turks before, and I've always wondered.

But I might have wronged her. There's certainly no woo here. In fact, she does a very good job of explaining this. So I wanted to post this for that reason, too. Consider it my apology. :)

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